Baby Cupcake Set
RM 250.00
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  16 pcs
  24 hours per-order
Egg, Flour, Sugar, Butter, Milk, Dairy Cream, Leaving Agent, Vegetable Oil, Couverture Chocolate, Cream Cheese
Items provided with your order
   Handwritten message on card
Cake care instruction

Buttercream Cake:

-Our cake tastes best at the room temperature between 20˚C - 22˚C

-If you are planning to travel the cake to any restaurant or others celebration venue, we would advice to keep the cake in the refrigerator at least 2 hours before the transporting of the cake.

-Whenever you’re at the venue of celebration (without any further transporting again), you can choose to keep it at any air-conditioning area ( 16˚C - 19˚C ) and keep the cake out of direct sunlight.

-If you choose to refrigerate your cake, kindly let it remain at the room temperature ( approximately 1 – 2 hours before serving ) to ensure your cake is soft and creamy.

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